YCCD Compressed Calendar

In Fall 2013, the District Academic Calendar Committee (ACC) began considering options for adopting a compressed calendar (wherein the students have more contact with instructors per day, for fewer days or weeks, with no loss of instructional time over the course of a primary term, i.e., fall and spring). Compressed calendars have become increasingly popular over the past several years. Currently over half (52.25%) of the 111 community colleges in California have adopted a compressed or alternative calendar.

Our intent is to modify our calendar for the 2016-17 Academic Year. We are considering shortening the length of each semester to 16 weeks without affecting overall instructional time in the classroom. This will result in a 32-week academic year. This would allow summer session to be a longer, more flexible program, or winter break could be lengthened to include a selection of short courses.

As we continue our work over the next few month, we will disseminate information, hold forums, and administer surveys to students, faculty, and staff.

March 18, 2015




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